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Fibromyalgia Weight Gain: New Habits for a New Life

Fibromyalgia weight gain tips can bring you a new lifeFibromyalgia weight gain has always been a problem for Fibromyalgia sufferers.  And with Fibromyalgia as part of your life, you have found how it seems to have taken over.  If you’re like many with this disease you could be seeing gains of over twenty pounds.

But, the Fibromyalgia weight gain is something you can fight.  And you can fight it by adopting some new habits and adopting a new Fibromyalgia diet.  In other posts we mentioned smarter eating and exercise, and we’ve talked about paying attention to your carbohydrate intake.  But what we’ve really been suggesting is that you develop new habits for a new life.  

Your disease may sometimes leave you feeling like you have no control.  But, you can take control of these important aspects of your life, and you can succeed!  Probably the most important tip regarding this success is that you have to be willing to create a new set of habits, and you need to be patient with yourself in developing these new habits.

These new habits will take some time to incorporate into your life.  Don’t feel that you have to be so strict that the development of the habit will cause you more stress!  Take these new behaviors and introduce them into your life with the intent that you will feel better as these habits become a part of you.  But be gentle with yourself.

Give yourself a break as these new habits are being formed.  Try to be “strict” with limiting your intake of carbos during the week, but allow yourself to splurge on the weekends.  Notice that I didn’t say binge!  But on the weekends feel like you can give yourself a treat.  If you have the urge, indulge yourself in a donut, or the ice cream cone you’ve been craving during the week.

Don’t go overboard with giving yourself permission to splurge, but don’t become so regimented that you won’t allow yourself a treat on a regular basis.   

You’re building a new habit.  To make this a habit you don’t want to become so regimented that you resent getting up every day to the battle of avoiding those carbs. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish by giving yourself the permission to splurge.  And, in a few weeks from now, you will look back at your new habits, and you’ll realize that you were successful.  You did succeed in gaining the control you thought you had lost.  You’ll have more energy, more confidence, and will feel like there is more that you can do to feel good every day, even with your disease.

Fibromyalgia weight gain is something to be aware of – but it is something you can control.  And weight loss with Fibromyalgia can happen for you as well.  A new Fibromyalgia diet that pays attention to carbohydrates, and developing new habits will leave you in a healthier, happier state.  You will feel that you ARE back in control.

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