Fibro Fog: The Fibromyalgia Symptom of Helplessness

Fibromyalgia fog symptoms seem out of controlIn many Fibromyalgia sufferers, Fibro Fog, often known as brain fog, is one of the Fibromyalgia symptoms that is dreaded the most.  Having pain is something a Fibromyalgia sufferer can handle, because pain is pain.  But Fibromyalgia fog is another thing altogether.  It comes and goes, like the pain, but doesn’t always come with the pain.  It is probably one of the more stress producing symptoms of Fibromyalgia because it can leave you with such a profound feeling of helplessness.

One of the more common characteristics of Fibromyalgia is that it manifests itself in so many ways.  In fact, I can have five Fibromyalgia patients in my waiting room at the same time, and yet none of the five actually experience their disease in the same way.  Fibro Fog as a symptom of Fibromyalgia is the same way; it has a wide range of symptom patterns and these brain fog symptoms can each be disturbing to the patient.  

Fibro Fog patients feel and behave with what I can only call “fuzzy thinking.”  The Fibro Fog sufferer with fuzzy thinking has a difficult time with simple logic.  And because this is a temporary issue, this fuzziness is very prominent and obvious to others.  There is a feeling that the Fibro Fog sufferer is just slow.  In fact, someone meeting a Fibromyalgia sufferer for the first time while they are in a state of Fibro Fog may feel that the person is not very bright.  Yet, after the Fibro Fog has lifted the Fibromyalgia sufferer is clear, coherent, and a different person.

Fibro Fog sufferers have a tendency to not be able to concentrate or even pay attention to a conversation.  This of course can be devastating to the Fibromyalgia sufferer.  And, as I mentioned earlier, it ratchets up their stress level.  Along with the inability to concentrate comes a general feeling of confusion.  The feeling of confusion is something that happens internal to the Fibromyalgia sufferer so that they are actually aware of the feeling.  And their awareness creates more stress in them, making them feel more helpless.

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